Entering a BG value in SmartGuard technology

Device: MiniMed 780G insulin pump

From time to time, you may need to enter a blood glucose (BG) value when the pump requires it to stay in the SmartGuard feature. There are two ways to enter a BG value when using the SmartGuard feature: manually entering a BG value or entering a BG value using the compatible Accu-Chek® Guide Link meter.

A BG can be manually entered via the SmartGuard bolus feature for ease of use, especially when a bolus is needed. If you are not using the SmartGuard bolus feature, the Blood Glucose screen lets you manually enter a BG value as well. When you access the Blood Glucose screen, it does not show any previously entered manual or linked meter BG values.

If a BG value is received from a linked meter, that value will immediately display in a separate BG meter screen and you will be prompted to confirm the BG value.

When you enter a BG while in the SmartGuard feature, a correction bolus may be suggested.

To manually enter BG readings:

  1. From the Home screen, press Menu select and select Menu drop.
  2. Select Enter BG.
  3. Enter a BG value.

    Enter BG screen

  4. Select Save.

    The entered BG will also be used to calibrate the Guardian 4 sensor if between 50-400 mg/dL and the Guardian Sensor 3 if between 40-400 mg/dL.

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