About SmartGuard Auto Mode and Manual Mode

Device: MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump

SmartGuard™ Auto Mode

SmartGuard™ Auto Mode is an insulin delivery feature designed to help people on intensive insulin therapy to achieve better control 24 hours a day. This is achieved by automatically adjusting basal insulin delivery to regulate glucose levels to a target sensor glucose (SG) amount. The standard target SG setting is 120 mg/dL and the target can be set temporarily to 150 mg/dL for exercise and other events.

When Auto Mode is active, the SG values it receives from the transmitter are used to automatically calculate the basal insulin dose. This process of automatic delivery of insulin is called Auto Basal. Auto Mode depends on reliable, accurate sensor measurements and your accurate entry of carbs to deliver insulin for meals. A blood glucose (BG) reading above 150 mg/dL causes Auto Mode to automatically calculate if a correction bolus is needed to bring BG down to the 150 mg/dL BG correction target. If needed, a correction bolus will be recommended.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode, refers to system functions other than Auto Mode. In other words, if Auto Mode is not active, the system is in Manual Mode.