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MiniMed 770G System Support

MiniMed 770G System Support

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Pump Buttons

Device: MiniMedTM 770G Insulin Pump

The following image shows the buttons and the notification light on your pump. The notification light flashes when your pump has an alarm or alert. The notification light is not visible unless flashing.

Pump buttons

Use the following table to see the description on how to use each of the buttons:

Button Actions
Up button Up, Down button Down, Left button Left, Right button Right
  • Press to scroll up or down through a menu or list.
  • Press to move to the desired area on the screen.
  • Press to change the value in an area.
  • Press to unlock your pump when it has been in sleep mode.
Back button Back
  • Press to return to a previous screen.
  • Press and hold to return to the starting screen, called the Home screen.
Select button Select
  • Press to select or confirm a value or menu option that is highlighted.
  • Press when directions say select.
  • Press to access the menu when you are on the Home screen.
Graph button Graph
  • Press to show the sensor glucose (SG) graph when you are on the Home screen.
  • Press to return to the Home screen when you are on the SG graph.
  • Press and hold to put the pump into sleep mode.