Programming a Preset Temp Basal

Device: MiniMed™ 770G insulin pump

The Preset Temp feature lets you set up basal rates for recurring short-term situations where you need to temporarily change your basal rate. There are four names you can use to match your preset temp basal rate to a situation: High Activity, Moderate Activity, Low Activity, and Sick. There are also 4 additional preset temp rates available to use for other circumstances (Temp 1 through Temp 4).

To program a new preset temp basal rate:

  1. From the Home screen, press Select.

  2. Select Options.

    Select Options

  3. Select Delivery Settings.

    Select Delivery Settings

  4. Select Preset Temp Setup.

    Select Preset Temp Setup

  5. Select Add New.

  6. Select a name for the preset temp basal rate.

    Select Name

  7. Select Type to choose between Percent and Rate.

    Select Type

  8. Enter in a percentage if you choose Percent or a rate if you choose Rate. Press Select.

    Enter Percent or Rate

  9. Set the Duration using the Up and Down buttons. Press Select.

    Set Duration

  10. Select Save