Editing a basal pattern

Device: MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump

Please note that the basal rates used below are for illustration purposes only. Your basal settings will be different. Your healthcare professional will give you the appropriate basal rate.

To edit a basal pattern:

  1. From the Home screen, press Select.

  2. Select Options

    Select Options

  3. Select Delivery Settings.

    Select Delivery Settings

  4. Select Basal Pattern Setup.

    Select Basal Pattern Setup

  5. Select the Basal Pattern you wish to edit.

    Select the Basal Pattern you wish to edit

  6. Select Options.

    Select Options

  7. Select Edit.

  8. Press Select on the time segment.

    Select Edit

  9. Leave end time at 12:00A to set a 24 hour rate. Otherwise, press up or down to adjust the end time. Press Select to continue.

  10. Press up or down to change U/h and press Select.

  11. Continue to set rates for different time periods as needed. When the end time for the final rate is 12:00A, select Done.

    Select Done

  12. Review rates and select Save.

    Select Save