Understanding CGM and SmartGuard technology

Device: MiniMed™ 770G insulin pump

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a sensor glucose (SG) monitoring tool that uses a glucose sensor that is placed below your skin to continuously measure the amount of glucose in your interstitial fluid. CGM helps you better manage your diabetes in the following ways:

  • It records your glucose values throughout the day and night.
  • It shows the effects that your diet, exercise, and medication can have on your glucose levels.
  • It gives you additional tools to help you prevent high and low glucose levels.

Sensor glucose readings and blood glucose (BG) meter readings are not the same.

SmartGuard™ Technology

SmartGuard™ technology automatically adjusts basal insulin delivery based on your SG values. SmartGuard™ technology can be used in two modes: Manual Mode and Auto Mode. SmartGuard™ suspend features can automatically stop and resume insulin delivery based on your SG values and low limit. When your pump suspends insulin delivery based on your SG values and your low limit, it is called a SmartGuard™ suspend event.

Your low limit should be set based on recommendations from your healthcare professional. When a SmartGuard™ suspend event occurs, basal insulin delivery automatically resumes if your SG values are rising and have met the specified criteria, or if the maximum suspend time of two hours is reached.

Auto Mode is also part of SmartGuard™ technology. When your pump is in Auto Mode, your basal insulin delivery is automatically controlled.