Silencing glucose alerts

Device: MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump

The Alert Silence option lets you make sensor glucose (SG) alerts silent for a set period of time. This is useful in situations where you do not want to disturb others, such as when you are in a business meeting or in a movie theater. When using this option, the audio status icon will change on the Home screen, depending on your Audio Options settings: vibrate only, audio only, or vibrate and audio. Your system still records the time and glucose value for any alerts that occur. You can view this information in the Alarm History screen.

If a glucose alert occurs when you are using the Alert Silence option, the notification light begins to flash and the Sensor alert occurred alert appears to let you know an alert was silenced, but there is no vibration or beep. If you have not cleared the alert by the end of the preset alert silence duration, your pump begins to beep or vibrate periodically until the alert is cleared.

To silence glucose alerts:

  1. Press Select, select Audio Options, and select Alert Silence Options.
  2. Select High Alerts Only, High & Low Alerts, or All Sensor Alerts to set the alerts you want silenced.
  3. Set the Duration. The duration can be set in 30-minute increments from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  4. Select Begin. The Alert Silence settings immediately take effect and you are returned to the Sensor Settings screen.

To cancel Alert Silence:

  1. Press Select, select Audio Options, and select Alert Silence.
  2. Select Cancel Alert Silence.