Before using SmartGuard Auto Mode

Device: MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump

SmartGuard™ Auto Mode can be enabled at any time, but it does not activate until the system completes a 48-hour warm-up period while you use the pump to deliver insulin. This warm-up period begins the midnight after the pump starts delivering insulin and it does not require sensor use. During the warm-up period, your Auto Mode system collects and processes data that help enable its automatic function.

To prepare your pump for SmartGuard™ Auto Mode:

  1. Cancel any active Temp Basal rates.
  2. Make sure your insulin delivery is not suspended on your pump.
  3. Set your carb ratio.
  4. Review your high and low limit settings. Your high and low limit settings apply to Auto Mode.
  5. Enter a BG reading if you have not entered one in the past 12 minutes. If necessary, calibrate your sensor. If you have just started a new sensor, calibrate your sensor, and then wait 30 minutes before you enter a BG for Auto Mode.