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Setting Up and Delivering a Preset Bolus

Device: MiniMed 770G Insulin Pump

The Preset Bolus feature lets you set up in advance bolus deliveries you expect to use frequently. There are four preset bolus names that let you match a bolus to a meal with a known carb content: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack. There are four additional preset bolus names you can set for other circumstances. These are numbered from Bolus 1 to Bolus 4.

A Preset Bolus is not available while in SmartGuard™ Auto Mode.

To set up preset bolus amounts:

  1. Press Select.

  2. Select Options.

  3. Select Delivery Settings.

  4. Select Preset Bolus Setup.

    Preset Bolus Setup

  5. Select Add New.

    Preset Bolus Add New

  6. Select a preset bolus. The Edit screen appears.

    Preset Bolus Add Edit

  7. Select Bolus to set the bolus amount.

    Preset Bolus Set Amount

  8. Select Type to set this as a Normal bolus, Square Wave™ bolus, or Dual Wave™ bolus. If you set the type to Square Wave™ or Dual Wave™, do the following:

    • For a Square Wave™ bolus, set the Duration of time for the bolus delivery.
    • For a Dual Wave™ bolus, adjust the Now/Square percentages as needed, and then set the Duration of time for the Square Wave portion of the bolus.

    Preset Bolus Set Type

  9. Select Save.