Suspending and resuming insulin delivery

Device: MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

You can manually suspend insulin delivery by selecting Suspend Delivery from the Menu screen. Use Suspend Delivery if you need to stop all active basal and bolus insulin deliveries. When you suspend your insulin delivery, your pump beeps, vibrates, or both depending on your audio settings. This occurs every 15 minutes to remind you that insulin is not being delivered.

Do not rely solely on the Audio or Vibration notifications when using Audio or Vibrate. These notifications may not occur as expected if the speaker or vibrator in your pump malfunctions. A missed notification could result in the delivery of too much or too little insulin. This is most common when using the Easy Bolus™ feature, or when your pump is in Manual Suspend. Contact the 24 Hour HelpLine with any concerns.

To suspend all insulin delivery:

1. Press Select and go to the Suspend Delivery screen.

Select Suspend Delivery screen

2. A confirmation message appears.

3. Select Yes to suspend your pump and stop all insulin delivery.

Select Yes screen

4. The Home screen indicates that your insulin is suspended.

Delivery Suspended banner on Home screen

Always check the pump Daily History after you resume insulin delivery to determine the amount that was delivered. A bolus delivery or fill cannula that was suspended does not restart when you resume. If needed, program a new bolus or fill the cannula.

To resume basal insulin delivery:

1. While insulin is suspended, press Select and go to the Resume Delivery screen. A confirmation message appears.

Select Resume Delivery screen

2. To resume your basal insulin delivery, select Yes. If a Temp Basal was active when you suspended your pump, it resumes if the time is still within the duration that you set.

Select Yes screen