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Deliver Food and Correction Bolus

Device: MiniMed® 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

Please note that the bolus amounts show below are for illustration purposes only. Your bolus amounts will be different.

To deliver a bolus for food and correction:

1. Test BG.

2. Press Select .

3. Select Bolus.

4. Select Bolus Wizard.

If using a linked meter, the BG is on screen. If not, select BG.

5. Press Up or Down to enter BG and press Select.

Active Ins. adjust. (on the pump screen) is the Active Insulin from previous boluses that is adjusted (subtracted) from the correction dose. In this example there was no active insulin to subtract.

6. Select Carbs.

7. Press Up to enter grams of carbs and press Select.

8. Select Next.

9. Select Deliver Bolus.