Home screen with CGM

Device: MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

Once the sensor has started giving you sensor glucose readings, the Home screen will display them similar to what you see here.

Home screen image

Status Bar

In addition to the pump icons, you will see additional sensor icons when using CGM.

Icon Icon name What it means
Airplane mode icon Airplane Mode Appears in place of the Connection icon if Airplane Mode is turned on. When Airplane Mode is turned on, the pump cannot receive wireless communication from other devices.
Calibration icon Calibration

The approximate time left until your next sensor calibration is due. Appears only when the Sensor feature is turned on. The color and the circle around the icon indicate the status. When your sensor is fully calibrated, the icon has a solid green circle around it. As the time for your next sensor calibration approaches, the green circle around the icon becomes smaller, and the color of the icon changes as shown in the following example.

Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon Calibration icon

Sensor connection icon
Sensor not connected icon
Connection Shows radio frequency (RF) communication between the pump and sensor. The Connection icon appears green when the Sensor feature is on and your transmitter is successfully communicating with your pump. The connection icon appears with a red cross when the Sensor feature is turned on, but the transmitter is not connected, or communication with your pump has been lost.
Suspend on low icon
suspend feature not available
Low Management Appears only when either the Suspend before low or Suspend on low feature is set to on.

The Low Management icon indicates the current status of the suspend features, as follows:

  • The icon is a white arrow with a dotted red line when either the Suspend on low or Suspend before low is turned on and ready.
  • The arrow icon flashes if your insulin delivery is currently suspended due to a Suspend on low or Suspend before low event.
  • The icon appears as a gray cross with a dotted line under it when neither suspend feature is available. The suspend features might be unavailable due to a recent suspend or because there are no SG values available.
Trend arrow icons Trend Arrows Shows the rate at which the most recent sensor glucose level is rising or falling.

Sensor Status

You can go to the Sensor status menu to see, for example, when your next calibration is due, time left on your sensor, and battery life remaining on your transmitter.

1. From the Home screen, press Select.

2. Select Status.

3. Select Sensor.

Sensor Status screen

You will also see additional sensor status information in Notifications, Quick Status, and Settings Review screens.