Auto Mode Readiness quick reference

Device: MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

What to do if Auto Mode is not ready

The Auto Mode Readiness table shows what to do when the wait icon or the question icon appears by items on the Auto Mode Readiness status screen. To open the Auto Mode Readiness status screen, from the main menu, select Status, and then select Auto Mode Readiness.

Auto Mode Readiness screen

Auto Mode Readiness table
Line If this appears Do this
1 Calibration required Perform a fingerstick and calibrate your sensor.
BG required Perform a fingerstick and enter a new BG. Your BG must be within the 40-400 mg/dl range or your pump will not enter Auto Mode.
Wait to enter BG Wait until the pump prompts you to enter a BG.
Processing BG Wait until the BG has processed.
2 Auto Mode turned off Turn on Auto Mode in the SmartGuard Auto Mode screen.
3 Sensor not ready a) Check to see if your pump has a transmitter ID entered in Utilities, Device Options. For example, GT6133333F. If your pump does not have a transmitter ID entered, see Connecting your Pump and Transmitter in Getting Started with Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

b) Check your Home screen. If you see the connection icon with a red cross move your pump and transmitter loser together. The pump will try to find the transmitter signal. If after 0 minutes the pump and transmitter are still not communicating, you will receive a Lost sensor signal alert. Check that the sensor is still inserted in the skin and the transmitter and sensor are still connected. Move your pump closer to your transmitter.
Sensor off Turn on the sensor in the Utilities, Sensor Settings screen.
Airplane mode on Turn off the Airplane mode in the Utilities, Airplane Mode screen.
4 Bolus in progress Wait until the bolus is complete or stop the bolus yourself before Auto Mode can activate.
5 Delivery suspended If insulin delivery is suspended, Auto Mode cannot activate. Treat low BG if necessary as instructed by your healthcare professional.
6 Carb ratio not set Enter your Carb Ratio in the Bolus Estimate Setup screen or the Bolus Wizard setup screen.
7 Temp Basal Rate If a temp basal is currently active, you must wait until it has completed or cancel the temp basal yourself before Auto Mode can activate.
8 If active insulin is currently updating, it may take up to 5 hours to complete. You must wait until this amount is updated.
9 Auto Mode warming up Auto Mode is gathering information on your insulin delivery history in order to personalize its automatic delivery of insulin.