Auto Mode bolus

Device: MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

Delivering a bolus in Auto Mode is similar to delivering a bolus using the Bolus Wizard feature in Manual Mode. The Bolus feature in Auto Mode requires you to enter either carbs or a BG value. You may also choose to enter both. Auto Mode then calculates the bolus amount needed to cover the meal or correction. Once you confirm this amount, Auto Mode will deliver the bolus.

The Auto Mode Bolus screen shows your current Active Insulin value.

WARNING: Do not use Auto Mode for a period of time after giving a manual injection of insulin by syringe or pen. Manual injections are not accounted for in Auto Mode. Therefore, Auto Mode could deliver too much insulin. Too much insulin may cause hypoglycemia. Consult with your healthcare professional for how long you need to wait after a manual injection of insulin before you resume Auto Mode.

Note: Auto Mode Bolus only supports Normal boluses. Square Wave, Dual Wave, Easy, Manual, Remote, and Preset bolus types cannot be delivered while in Auto Mode.

If you attempt to send a Remote Bolus from your meter while Auto Mode is active, an alert message appears on the meter.

Bolus screen

If you are using a CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter, you may send your BG meter readings directly to your pump. A confirmation screen will appear asking you to confirm the BG value on the pump. Confirmed BG values will automatically be used in the BG selection of the Auto Mode Bolus screen. These entries will be valid for up to 12 minutes after sending them to the pump. If you wish to enter your BG using a CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter, do this prior to using the Auto Mode Bolus screen. If you are not using a CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter, you must manually enter your BG value.

Note: In order to ensure accuracy, do not use a BG meter reading in the Auto Mode Bolus screen if more than 12 minutes have passed since you have taken the reading. That BG reading and the corresponding bolus amount may no longer be accurate.

To use the Auto Mode Bolus feature:

  1. Press Select and select Bolus to go to the Auto Mode Bolus screen.

    Menu screen

  2. If you are using a linked meter, skip to step 3. Otherwise, enter your BG amount. You can enter a range from 20 mg/dL to 600 mg/dL.
  3. Select Carbs.

    Select Carbs screen

  4. Enter your Carb amount in grams. If you choose not to enter a Carb amount, go to step 5.
  5. Select Next. The screen indicates the amount of the calculated bolus.

    Carb amount screen

  6. Review the calculated bolus amount.
  7. Select Deliver Bolus.

    Deliver Bolus screen

    A screen appears briefly to indicate the bolus delivery has started. Then, the Home screen appears and shows the progress of the bolus delivery.

    Bolus delivery progress screen

  8. If you entered a BG value manually into the Auto Mode Bolus feature, an additional screen will appear, prompting you to calibrate your sensor. Select Yes or No.