Alert Silence in Auto Mode

Device: MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump (MMT-1780K)

The Alert Silence feature allows you to temporarily silence sensor glucose (SG) alerts. This is useful in situations where you do not want to disturb others, such as when you are in a business meeting or in a movie theater. When using this feature, your system still records the time and glucose value for any alerts that occur. You can view this information in the Alarm History screen.

If a glucose alert occurs when you are using the Alert Silence feature, the notification light begins to flash and the Sensor alert occurred message appears, but there is no vibration or sound. If you have not cleared the alert by the end of the preset alert silence duration, your pump begins to beep or vibrate periodically until the alert is cleared.

You can check the status of the Alert Silence feature in the Sensor Status Screen.

This Alert Silence setting Silences these alerts
High Alerts Only Alert on high, Alert before high, and Rise Alert
High and Low Alerts Alert on high, Alert before high, Rise Alert, Alert on low, and Alert before low
All Sensor Alerts All of the alerts listed previously for High and Low Alerts, plus the following:
  • All calibration alerts, reminders, or error messages.
  • All alerts relating to sensor insertion, including alerts about sensor warm-up, changing your sensor, sensor expiration, sensor errors, connection issues, and so on.
  • All alerts related to your transmitter, including all alerts about your transmitter battery and all connection issues.

To set Alert Silence in Auto Mode:

  1. Press Select and go to the Alert Silence Options screen.

    Audio Options > Alert Silence Options

    Alert Silence menu

  2. Select High Alerts Only, High and Low Alerts, or All Sensor Alerts to set the alerts you want silenced. Refer to the previous table for details about the alerts silenced with each selection.
  3. Set the Duration time (from 30 minutes to 24 hours) for which the alerts will be silenced.
  4. Select Begin. The Alert Silence settings immediately take effect and you are returned to the Sensor Settings screen.

To cancel Alert Silence:

  1. Press Select and go to the Alert Silence screen.

    Audio Options > Alert Silence

    Cancel Alert Silence screen

  2. Select Cancel Alert Silence.