Setting up and changing your Easy Bolus

Device: MiniMed™ 630G insulin pump (MMT-1715K)

The Easy Bolus feature allows you to quickly deliver a Normal bolus using only the up button. Your pump must be in sleep mode to use the Easy Bolus feature. You must turn on the feature and set up the step size before you can use Easy Bolus to deliver a Normal bolus. To help you count your Easy Bolus steps, each time you press the up button, your pump makes a different tone.

To set up Easy Bolus:

1. Select Menu.

2. Select Insulin Settings.

3. Select Easy Bolus to turn on the feature.

4. Set the Step Size amount (in units). You can set the step size from 0.1 to 2.0 units. Your step size cannot be higher than your Max Bolus.

5. Select Save.

To deliver a bolus using Easy Bolus:

1. If your pump is not in sleep mode, press and hold the Menu button for about two seconds.

2. While your pump screen is in sleep mode, press and hold up from about one second. After your pump beeps or vibrates, release the up button. You can now start programming your Easy Bolus.

3. Press up the number of times needed to set your bolus amount. Each time you press up, your pump sounds a tone or vibrates, and your bolus amount increases by the number of units set for the step size.

4. When you have reached the desired bolus amount, press and hold up to confirm the amount. You should hear a confirmation tone or feel a vibration for each button press. Count to ensure the amount is correct. If the amount is not correct, press and hold down until you hear a tone, and then start again from step 3.

5. When the bolus amount is confirmed, press and hold up for about one second to deliver your bolus. Your pump beeps or vibrates. Your bolus starts immediately after the confirmation.