Reading your device screen

Home Screen

The Home screen appears by default after you change the battery, when you wake the pump from sleep mode, and when you are not actively using another screen. You can navigate to the Home screen from any other screen by pressing and holding the back button for about one second.

Home screen image

The following items appear on your Home screen:

Item Description
Status bar Displays icons that show a quick status of your pump system.
By selecting the status bar you can access more detailed status screens.
Current time Displays the current time of day.
BG meter readings If you have taken a BG meter reading using your compatible Bayer meter or manually entered a BG meter reading within the last 12 minutes, the BG meter reading appears on the Home screen.

You can enter your BG meter reading manually using the Event Markers feature, or when you use the Bolus Wizard to deliver a bolus.

Active Insulin Displays the amount of bolus insulin the pump estimates is still working to lower your blood glucose levels.
Bolus Allows you to access your bolus delivery options, and provides access to all of your insulin settings.

If you have not set up the Bolus Wizard and Preset Bolus features, you only have access to Manual Bolus from this screen.

Display the Home screen. When you are on any screen other than the Home screen, press and hold the back button icon button for about one second.
Basal Allows you to access your basal delivery options, and provides access to all of your insulin settings.

To access all of your basal options from this screen, you must have set up a Preset Temp basal rate.

Status Bar

The status bar appears at the top of the Home screen to provide a way for you to quickly check the status of your system. The status bar contains the icons that are described in the following table, along with the current time.

Icon Icon name What it means
Battery icon Battery Provides a quick look at the charge level of your pump battery. When your battery is full, the icon is solid green. As your battery life is used, the icon changes.

Battery life icons

Reservoir icon Reservoir Shows the approximate amount of insulin left in your reservoir. The color and the fill level of the icon indicate the status. When your reservoir is full, the icon is solid green. As your insulin is used, the icon becomes emptier, and the color of the icon changes as shown in the following example.

Reservoir amount icons

Note for 1.8ml reservoir users: The MiniMed 630G pump can accommodate up to 3mL of insulin. The reservoir icon on the pump is based on a full 3mL reservoir. If you are using a 1.8mL reservoir, depending on the amount of insulin you fill in the reservoir, the pump will display this as either a green or yellow reservoir icon. Please be aware that the icon is a visual representation of the amount of insulin remaining based on a full 3mL reservoir and therefore the icon visual will not precisely match the same proportions when using a 1.8mL reservoir. However, the pump keeps accurate track of the units left in the reservoir. You use the Pump Status Screens to view the number of units left in the reservoir at any time. A reminder can also be set on the pump to indicate when the reservoir is low.
Audio icons Audio The audio mode you are using: vibrate only Vibrate only icon , audio only Audio only icon, or vibrate and audio Vibrate and audio icon.
Block mode icon Block Mode Indicates that the pump is in Block Mode, and that certain functions are restricted. Caregivers, such as parents of a young child, can use Block Mode to restrict access to critical pump settings.
Temporary Network connection icon Temporary Network Connection Appears while you are temporarily connected to a remote upload device.