Setting a Max Basal Rate

Device: MiniMed™ 630G insulin pump (MMT-1715K)

Max Basal Rate limits the amount of basal insulin that can be delivered per hour, based on the maximum rate you set. You will not be able to set any basal rates, temp basal rates, or preset temp basal rates that exceed the max basal rate amount. Your pump will alert you if you attempt to set a Max Basal rate lower than your current basal settings. Your healthcare professional will determine what max basal rate is right for you.

To set your max basal rate:

1. Press right to Basal and press select.

2. Press down to Insulin Settings and press select.

3. Press down to Max Basal/Bolus and press select.

4. Select Max Basal.

5. Select Continue. Because the Max Basal Rate setting determines your basal insulin limits, a warning message appears any time you enter the screen to change the value.

6. Select Max Basal.

7. Press up or down to the maximum number of basal insulin units that can be delivered each hour.

8. Select Save.