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MiniMed 630G System Support

MiniMed 630G System Support   >   Editing a Basal Pattern

Editing a Basal Pattern

Device: MiniMed® 630G insulin pump (MMT-1715K)

To change a basal rate or pattern:

    1. Press right to Basal and press select.

    2. Press down to Insulin Settings and press select.

    3. Press down to Basal Pattern Setup and press select.

    4. Select the basal pattern you wish to change. If you only have one pattern set, this will be Basal 1.

    5. Select Options.

    6. Select Edit.

    7. Press down to the time segment you wish to edit and press select.

    8. Scroll to the new time and press select.

    9. Scroll to the correct U/hr and press select.

    10. Continue this process until the entire 24 hour period is completed. The End time of the final segment must be 12:00A to complete the pattern.

    11. Select Done.

    12. Press down to view all basal rates. Verify that the basal pattern is entered correctly. Make sure the 24 hr Total is accurate.

    13. Select Save.