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Changing Your Battery

Your pump does not ship with the battery cap on. The battery cap is located in the pump box, separate from the pump. Lithium ion batteries have been shown to have the longest battery life. Batteries should be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator or other cold locations.

To insert the battery:

1. Insert the new or fully charged AA battery, making sure to insert the negative end (−) first. After you insert the battery, the positive end (+) is visible
2. Use the belt clip to tighten the battery cap

Caution: Do not overtighten or under tighten the battery cap. Overtightening the battery cap can cause damage to your pump case. Under tightening the battery cap will prevent the pump from recognizing the new battery. Turn the battery cap clockwise until the cap is aligned horizontally with the pump case, as shown in the following example.