How to set up your therapy settings

Before using the dose calculator, you will need your personal therapy settings from your healthcare provider. You can find these on your InPen prescription form. If you are not sure what your settings are, check with your physician.

InPen therapy settings phone screen

  1. Once you have your therapy settings, open the InPen app.
  2. Tap Settings on the home screen.
  3. Tap Therapy Settings and read the safety message. If you are ready, tap Proceed.
  4. Tap on each line to set the correct value.
  5. Once you have selected the correct value, tap the green check mark to save or the red X to cancel.

The values that must be set are:

Maximum Calculated Dose – This is the maximum calculated dose that your healthcare provider determines is safe for you. If a single dose recommendation or the total of recent doses plus the recommendation exceeds the maximum calculated dose setting, an alert will be displayed. Refer to the instructions given by your healthcare provider.

Duration of Insulin Action – This is the amount of time that insulin is actively lowering your blood glucose. It is used to calculate active insulin and the blue circles on the timeline.

Time of Day Settings – By default, this is disabled and target blood glucose, insulin-to-carb ratio, and insulin sensitivity factor are constant throughout the day. By sliding the switch to the right, you can set these parameters to four different values throughout the day. To disable this feature, slide the switch back to the left.

Time of Day (If Time of Day Settings are enabled)– When enabled, these select the start time for each new set of parameters. Each day at the time selected, the parameters in the column beneath it will be active until the next column’s time is reached. Tap the time to adjust it. Note that the times must be in order and cannot overlap.

Target Blood Glucose – This is the blood glucose value you are trying to achieve. When entering a blood glucose value into the dose calculator, it will recommend insulin or carbs to return to this target value.

Insulin Sensitivity Factor – This is the amount your blood glucose is lowered by 1 unit of insulin.

Insulin to Carb Ratio – This is the number of grams of carbohydrates covered by 1 unit of insulin.