How to prime your InPen

What is priming?

Priming before you dose removes the air from the needle and cartridge that may collect during normal use. This ensures that you get your full dose. It's important to prime before every injection when using any insulin pen.

How to prime your InPen (before every injection)

If you don’t prime before each injection, your dose might be lower than you intended.

  1. Remove the paper tab from the needle
  2. Screw the needle onto the cartridge holder
  3. Pull off the outer cap and the inner cap
  4. Discard the inner cap
  5. Keep the outer cap to remove the needle after your injection
  6. Dial the Dose Knob to select 2 units
  7. Hold the InPen so the needle is pointing up and tap cartridge to collect any air at the top
  8. Prime the InPen by pushing the injection button with your thumb. You should see a few drops of insulin.
  9. If no insulin is seen, repeat priming according to steps 6 through 8. A new cartridge may need to be primed several times.

Caution: If no insulin flows after several attempts, attach a new needle, as the one on your InPen may be clogged.

Important Notes

  • InPen is compatible with all standard insulin pen needles.
  • Always handle needles according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Always dispose of needles safely. For more information go to
  • Use a new needle for each injection. This will help ensure sterility. It will also help prevent leakage of insulin, keep out air bubbles, and reduce needle clogs.