How to manually enter a dose

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: For the Dose Calculator to work safely and accurately, it is critical that all rapid-acting insulin be logged. Doses taken with the InPen will be automatically logged, but if you take rapid-acting insulin from a source other than your InPen it must be logged manually. Too much insulin may cause hypoglycemia.

IMPORTANT: Your mobile device must be set to the current time to ensure that manual doses are logged correctly and your Active Insulin (IOB) is correct. Incorrect time settings could result in unsafe recommendations, which could lead to severe hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, or injury.

To enter a manual dose:

  1. Open the Logbook.

  2. Tap Log Dose. You can log rapid-acting insulin or long acting insulin.

  3. Tap Dose Amount and enter the number of units taken.

  4. Tap Dose Time and enter the time when the dose was taken. By default, the time is set to the current time, but it can be adjusted to any time within the last 24 hours. Note: If you have traveled across a time zone, adjust and enter the dose time as though it was taken in your current time zone.

  5. Tap Save or to exit without saving a dose, tap Cancel.

    logbook screen