Data and reports

The InPen logbook shows you a 90-day history of the following:

  • Doses taken from your InPen
  • Blood Glucose
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dose recommendations from the dose calculator
  • Prime doses
  • Cartridge replacements
  • Insulin doses you've manually logged

How to view the logbook:

  1. Open the InPen app
  2. Tap Logbook
  3. Scroll up and down to see details of different days and stats.

Logbook screen InPen app

Generating a report

  1. Select Reports from the menu bar at the bottom of InPen App

  2. Select Settings in the upper left corner

    Report logbook screen InPen app

  3. Choose the date range you'd like to use, then hit 'Save' in the upper right corner (This is for the overview page, a 2-week daily report is always included)

    Report settings logbook screen InPen app

Sharing a report

Once you see the new report, tap the Share icon on the top right of the screen and select how you'd like the report to be sent (Fax #, Email Address, or Print).

Sharing a report screen InPen app