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Support Overview

Using Insulin with i-Port Advance®

How often should I test my blood sugar while using i-Port Advance®?

Test blood sugar per your healthcare professional's instructions to ensure that insulin dose and absorption at the delivery site are appropriate.

What should I do if my blood sugar remains unexplainably high after injecting my insulin through i-Port Advance®?

In the case of unexplainably high blood sugar, remove and discard i-Port Advance® device and apply new device to a different location on the body, as the cannula could be dislodged, crimped (bent) or partially clogged. Should suggested actions not provide a resolution to the problem or should your blood glucose remain high, contact your physician or healthcare provider.

Can I apply and use a new i-Port Advance® just prior to bedtime?

Avoid applying and using a new device just prior to bedtime, unless blood sugar can be checked 2 to 4 hours after injection.

Can I use an insulin pen with i-Port Advance®?

Yes, insulin pens may be used with i-Port Advance® as long as the needle length does not exceed 5/16 inch (8mm) or is not shorter than 3/16 inch (5mm).

Can you mix multiple insulins through a single i-Port Advance®?

Our recommendation is to speak to your healthcare provider and refer to the drug manufacturer’s label regarding mixing of insulins through a single i-Port Advance.

Can I inject different insulins through i-Port Advance®?

Injecting both long and rapid acting insulin through the same port can be done as long as you wait 60 minutes between injections. We recommend always injecting rapid acting insulin first, due to its peak times.