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Support Overview

Product Information

Where are the recommended application sites?

The recommended application sites are illustrated below:

i-Port Advance Recommended application sites

Who can use i-Port Advance®?

i-Port Advance is suitable for both adults and children requiring daily subcutaneous injections. Check with your healthcare professional to see if i-Port Advance is right for you.

How long can I wear i-Port Advance®?

i-Port Advance is a single use device. Remove and properly dispose of the used device every 72 hours and replace with a new device on a different location of the body as needed.

Can I shower or bathe while wearing i-Port Advance®?

Yes, i-Port Advance is intended for use during normal daily activities, including showering and bathing.

What is the size of i-Port Advance®?

i-Port Advance is 1½ inches (38mm) in diameter and rises only 1/3 inch (8.5mm) above the skin.

What is the cannula?

The cannula is the small soft, flexible tube used to deliver the medication into the subcutaneous tissue. The cannula of i-Port Advance is available in 6mm and 9mm lengths. Talk to your healthcare professional about which cannula length is right for you.

How much dead space (residual space) exists inside i-Port Advance®?

i-Port Advance has a residual volume up to 0.0026 mL.

What needle length can I use with i-Port Advance?

The maximum needle length for use with i-port Advance is 5/16 inch (8mm). Do not attempt to use a 1/2 inch or 12mm injection needle with i-Port Advance. Doing so may damage the device causing unnecessary punctures of the skin, or tearing and puncturing of the soft cannula which may result in unpredictable medication delivery. Do not use a needle shorter than 3/16 inch or 5mm when injecting in to i-Port Advance.

What size needle can I use with an i-Port Advance®?

The thickest needle size for use with either i-Port Advance is a 28 gauge needle. Note: The smaller the number, the larger the gauge.

Can I reuse i-Port Advance®?

Do not attempt to reuse an i-Port Advance after the 72 hour wear period has elapsed. Do not attempt to reuse an i-Port Advance after it has been removed or dislodged.

What medications can you use with i-Port Advance®?

Patients should speak with their healthcare provider and refer to the appropriate drug manufacturer's label prior to injecting any medication into i-Port Advance.