Enlite® Sensor

Experience our breakthrough glucose sensor designed for comfort and performance.

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Enlite Sensor

Better Protection with Enlite5

More comfortable and accurate than ever before, our new sensor gives you better protection from dangerous highs and lows.5

Improved Performance:

  • When used with the MiniMed 530G® system, Enlite features a 93% hypo detection rate1
  • A 31% improvement in overall accuracy versus Sof-sensor® glucose sensors2
Better Protection with Enlite
1Enlite Sensor 2MiniLink REAL-Time
3Enlite Serter

So Small Users Hardly Notice It's There3

Now featuring a smaller, more flexible sensor and a virtualy pain free insertion.

Greater Comfort:

  • 85% said Enlite was comfortable under the skin3
  • 69% less sensor volume4
  • 38% shorter sensor under the skin4

  1. Enlite Sensor
  2. MiniLink® REAL-Time Transmitter
  3. Enlite Serter
So Small You’ll Hardly Notice It

Featuring a new, easier insertion process

Inserting the Enlite sensor is more comfortable and easier than ever.

Easier Insertion:

  • 75% said insertion device was easy to use3
  • Completely hidden needle
  • 90 degree insertion angle
Enlite Serter - Silver Winner, International Design Excellence Awards 2012

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    • * ...that is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Medtronic has a similar product already approved in Europe.
    • 1 Enlite® Performance for the MiniMed 530G Insulin Pump. Sensor calibrated 3-4 times daily; within 30 minutes of event, both Low Glucose Limit and Low Predictive alerts ON; with 33% false alert rate if the patient is unable to respond to the Threshold Suspend alarm.
    • 2 Enlite® Performance for the MiniMed 530G Insulin Pump. MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System Insulin Pump User Guide.
    • 3 U.S. Enlite Clinical Study Customer Satisfaction Survey. Data on file, Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge CA.
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