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Connect with Real People and have Real Conversations about Living with Diabetes

MiniMed Ambassadors are a special group of real customers who are available to have honest one-to-one conversations with you or your loved ones about first-hand experiences of life with diabetes.

If you have questions regarding how insulin pump therapy or CGM may fit into your daily life and you'd like to ask someone who understands your life with diabetes or has been where you are today, this is the place for you. Just diagnosed? Have big athletic goals? Facing new challenges helping your teen manage their diabetes? Click on the “Connect” button below and you will have access to ambassador profiles and the ability to make a connection with someone with similar experiences.

Getting a diabetes diagnosis is hard. My pump has helped me to better manage my diabetes and takes over 2,000 shots a year out of my life. For me, it is convenient, easy and takes so much stress away.
I love telling people about my accomplishments. But, one important part of that is helping other people with diabetes become familiar with how beneficial an insulin pump can be.
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* MiniMed Ambassadors receive promotional items and educational material to use and share as the Ambassador sees fit. Ambassadors are not provided monetary compensation for their participation in this program. Opinions expressed by an Ambassador are based on the Ambassador's actual experience and are not necessarily the opinions of Medtronic MiniMed.