MiniMed® 530G with Enlite®

The only system on the market that takes action when needed.

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MiniMed 530G with Enlite

Threshold Suspend Automation

The Threshold Suspend feature automatically stops insulin delivery when sensor glucose values reach a preset low threshold. If you’re unable to respond to a Threshold Suspend alarm*, it can take action for you, pausing insulin delivery for up to 2 hours.

1. Most advanced diabetes management tool.

2. Mimics some of the functions of a healthy pancreas.

3. Revolutionary Threshold Suspend technology is available only with the MiniMed 530G system in the US**.

Threshold Suspend Automation

Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Enlite

More comfortable and accurate than ever before, our new sensor, together with MiniMed 530G, gives you better protection from highs and lows† 1,2.

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Better protection with Enlite

A Breakthrough in Better Glucose Control

As an integrated insulin pump and CGM system, MiniMed 530G with Enlite offers better control than multiple daily injections or conventional insulin pumps. It increases confidence to achieve better control.1,2,3

A breakthrough in better glucose control

Features & Benefits

  • Threshold Suspend automatically stops insulin delivery when your sensor glucose values reach a preset low threshold, giving you increased confidence for better control.
  • CGM integration provides readings every five minutes, allowing you to identify trends and make adjustments to your lifestyle or treatment
  • Predictive alerts notify you up to 30 minutes before you reach a certain sensor glucose level, helping you to react sooner to low and high sensor glucose levels
  • Accurate Enlite sensor features a 31% improvement in overall accuracy versus Sof-sensor® glucose sensor5,6, for more reliable detection of high and low glucose levels
  • Bolus Wizard calculates an insulin bolus amount with minimal button pushes, making life easier and helping prevent calculation errors
Threshold Suspend
CGM Integration
Predictive Alerts
Enlite Sensor
Bolus Wizard
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    • * ...that is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Medtronic has a similar product already approved in Europe
    • Study used previous generation SAP pumps without Threshold suspend feature versus MDI
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