Guardian® REAL-Time CGM System

Offering Better Protection and Peace of Mind

The Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system can help give you peace of mind by offering protection throughout the day and night. By providing continuous glucose readings and customizable alerts that notify you of oncoming highs and lows, Guardian allows you to make real-time corrections for better glucose control.

Guardian Real-Time CGM System

Benefits of Guardian CGM

  • At-a-glance glucose level readings: Easily and discreetly view your current glucose values throughout the day.
  • Anticipate glucose changes quickly: Trend arrows let you know if your glucose levels are rising or falling, enabling you to take early action to help reduce unnecessary lows and highs.
  • Predictive Alerts: Receive notifications up to 30 minutes before you reach your personal low or high glucose limits. These alerts help you react sooner to high and low glucose levels, and have been shown to improve hypoglycemia detection by 36%.1,2
  • Identify glucose patterns: Trend graphs allow you to view your past glucose levels so you can identify patterns and make informed decisions. You can also scroll through past glucose readings to see the “big picture” of your glucose control.
Benefits of Guardian CGM
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