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You can check the warranty status of your insulin pump and transmitter online by signing in to your Medtronic account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A device warranty covers changes in the device’s performance or physical condition. The following are not covered by our warranty:
  • Damage from any attempted changes or repairs performed by any party other than Medtronic
  • Damage caused by negligence or improper use
If you notice a change in your device, please contact the 24-Hour Technical Support at 1-800-646-4633 option 1. Our support team will work with you to ensure your therapy stays on track.
If our support team determines you are in need of a replacement, we will send you a replacement via mail. You'll likely be expected to return your old device.
Medtronic does not sell extended warranties.
Warranty terms vary across international locations. Please contact your local Medtronic office for warranty information. Click here for Medtronic contact information in your country.
No, belt clips do not have warranty coverage. If your belt clip is no longer working, you may qualify for a replacement. Click here to learn if you are eligible.
No. Should you need to use your warranty coverage, Medtronic will provide a replacement.
No, your warranty does not reset if you receive a replacement device. Your original warranty date with transfer to the replacement device.
If your product is working as it did at the time of purchase, you can continue to use the device as prescribed by your physician. If you are experiencing a change in your device’s functionality, please contact 24-Hour Technical Support immediately at 1-800-646-4633. To learn more about your options for upgrading to newer technology during or after your warranty period, please visit our device upgrade page.
Customers with Medicare insurance will likely have a different warranty length than our standard coverage. Medicare patients are first enrolled in a rental program prior to owning their device, changing the length of the warranty coverage provided. Please sign in to your account to check your warranty status.