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Warranty may vary based on international locations. Please contact your local representative for full service and warranty disclaimer by selecting your country from the list of international locations.

Note: This table provides general warranty information for Medtronic products. Full warranty information including warranty claims, processes and restrictions, can be found within each product's user guide. Please review the full warranty terms for complete details.

Did You Know: You can locate the warranty end date for your specific insulin pump or CGM transmitter by signing into your Medtronic account at myHome.

Product Warranty Period from Date of Purchase
MiniMed® Insulin Pump

4 years1

Note: If you receive a replacement insulin pump within this time period, your remaining warranty will transfer over to your replacement.

Paradigm® Remote Control 2 years
mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor 1 year
Guardian® REAL-Time 3 years
MiniLink® Transmitter 1 year
MiniMed® Connect 6 months
MiniLink Charger 6 months
Infusion Sets 6 months
Reservoirs 6 months
CareLink® USB 6 months
Glucose Sensors No warranty
(including belt clips and serters)
No warranty

Disclaimer: A warranty will not be honored and will be considered void if:

  • Damage results from any attempted changes or repairs performed by any party other than Medtronic
  • Damage results from an event beyond the control of Medtronic
  • Damage results from negligence or improper use
  1. Due to federal regulation, government programs (such as Medicare or Medicaid) may provide for an additional coverage period.

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