MiniMed® Pro-set® Infusion Set

MiniMed® Pro-set® Infusion Set

Urgent Field Safety Notification

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This letter is to inform you that we’ve recorded a higher than expected number of reported complaints related to kinked cannulas and elevated blood glucose levels among those using the MiniMed Pro-set infusion set.

What You Should Do

To minimize your risk of experiencing kinked cannulas while using the MiniMed Pro-set infusion sets you have remaining, please remember to:

  • Review the online learning instruction:
  • Consider using the MiniMed® Quick-serter® insertion device
  • Follow the instructions for use provided with the product
  • Continue monitoring your blood sugar levels frequently

If you would prefer to switch to another Medtronic infusion set of your choice, or return any unused MiniMed Pro-set infusion sets, we will be happy to replace them for free. To replace them:

  1. Use the online form at (fastest method)
  2. OR

  3. Call us at 866-222-7304

This notification applies to all MiniMed Pro-set infusion set models, as shown below:

Model Description Connector
MMT-280 MiniMed Pro-set – 6 mm, 24 in MiniMed
MMT-281 MiniMed Pro-set – 6mm, 42 in
MMT-290 MiniMed Pro-set – 6 mm, 24 in Luer Lock
MMT-291 MiniMed Pro-set – 6mm, 42 in

As always, please call the Medtronic 24-hour helpline at 866-222-7304 with any product concerns. You can also report a concern to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program:

  1. Online at:
  2. Report by telephone: 1.800.FDA.1088
  3. Fax report: 1.800.FDA.0178

Medtronic considers patient safety and customer satisfaction our primary priorities. You are receiving this letter because our records indicate you have received MiniMed Pro-set infusion sets. We appreciate your time and attention in reading this important notification.

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