New Customer on Insulin Pump Therapy

Preparing for Insulin Pump Start Training

Below are the steps to take to learn some basic skills before meeting with your trainer for the first time:

  1. Open the box. Remove your insulin pump.

Important: Do not use your insulin pump to give yourself insulin until you have met with your trainer.

  1. Insert the battery into your insulin pump. Practice button pushing as you follow along in your self study materials. The insulin pump is shipped in a special mode that allows you to practice without inserting a reservoir.
    Review the basics of insulin pump therapy by either:
    1. Signing in to myLearning and completing the basics of insulin pump therapy classes
    2. Reviewing The Basics of Insulin Pump Therapy workbook and completing all the exercises.
  2. Complete your Pre-Training courses by either:
    1. Signing in to myLearning and completing the product classes called
      • Getting Started with your Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump
      • Exploring CareLink Software and Reports
    2. Reviewing the Getting Started with Revel Insulin Pump workbook and completing all the exercises
  3. If you complete the online courses, print the Certificate of Completion to bring with you to your training.
After Your Insulin Pump Start Training
  1. When it is time for your first infusion set change, review the technique your trainer taught you by either:
  2. After you have met with your trainer, sign in to myLearning and complete the experienced user classes that include:
    • Additional Programming for your Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump
    • Exploring CareLink Software and Reports
Items to Bring to Your Pump Start Training

Download a printable version of this list.

To ensure you do not forget to bring anything, use this checklist for the items your trainer will want you to have at your insulin pump training:

Important: Prior to the day of your insulin pump training, review and follow your doctor's instructions on how to stop your long-acting insulin.


Insulin Pump and Supplies

  • Your insulin pump and the small box that it came in
  • 3 Reservoirs
  • 3 Infusion sets
  • Insertion device for your infusion sets
  • 3 IV Prep wipes (or 3 alcohol wipes)
  • Transparent dressing (IV3000 or IV3000) - if shipped with your insulin pump

A Vial (Bottle) of Rapid-Acting (U100) Insulin

Note: The reservoir for your insulin pump cannot be filled with insulin from an insulin pen. You must have a vial (bottle) of rapid acting U100 insulin as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Meter and Supplies

  • Blood glucose meter, test strips and lancets

Insulin Pump Start Instructions

  • Form completed and signed by your healthcare professional with your initial pump settings (basal rate, insulin to carbohydrate ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, active insulin time and target range) - your trainer may already have this form

Printed Materials (sent with your pump)


  • Glucose tablets or some form of fast-acting carbohydrate
  • A snack


Additional Items (Check with your trainer)
  • Blood glucose logbook (with at least the previous week's readings)
  • Ketone test strips

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