Experienced User Education

Upgrade Training for Paradigm® Revel Insulin Pump
Intended for individuals who currently use a Paradigm REAL-Time insulin pump (522/722). Provides detailed instruction on how to transfer settings and use the new features on the Revel (523/723) insulin pump.

Additional Information and Programming for the Paradigm® Revel Insulin Pump
Reinforces classroom instructions on features such as the Bolus Wizard® calculator and Dual/Square wave bolus. Designed to be completed after training.

Bolus Wizard® Calculations
Provides an overview on how the Bolus Wizard calculates the amount of insulin for a bolus using the Bolus Wizard settings, the current glucose level and carbohydrate intake.

More About CGM with the Paradigm® REAL-Time Revel System
Covers alert personalization, reading CareLink® reports, and provides scenarios to reinforce learning. Designed to be completed after training.

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