If you are using a Mozilla® Firefox® browser, Firefox has ended support for Java in March 2017. CareLink® Personal software uses Java plugins to upload data from Medtronic supported medical devices, such as the insulin pumps. Please click here for more information, or contact Customer Support if you have questions.

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Experienced User Education

Upgrade Training for Paradigm® Revel Insulin Pump
Intended for individuals who currently use a Paradigm REAL-Time insulin pump (522/722). Provides detailed instruction on how to transfer settings and use the new features on the Revel (523/723) insulin pump.

Additional Information and Programming for the Paradigm® Revel Insulin Pump
Reinforces classroom instructions on features such as the Bolus Wizard® calculator and Dual/Square wave bolus. Designed to be completed after training.

Bolus Wizard® Calculations
Provides an overview on how the Bolus Wizard calculates the amount of insulin for a bolus using the Bolus Wizard settings, the current glucose level and carbohydrate intake.

More About CGM with the Paradigm® REAL-Time Revel System
Covers alert personalization, reading CareLink® reports, and provides scenarios to reinforce learning. Designed to be completed after training.

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