General Education

These classes provide a basic understanding diabetes and insulin pump therapy. Your doctor or trainer may suggest which classes are best for you. These can be a good review of information.

Balancing Glucose and Insulin
Provides basic information on how the pancreas and liver work together as a team, to maintain tight glucose control when someone does not have diabetes. Also covered is how an insulin pump delivers basal and bolus insulin.

Managing Pump Therapy
Covers the basic guidelines for safe insulin pump use and provides a basis for good self-management decision-making skills.

Counting Carbohydrates
Walks through the basics of estimating carbohydrate and reading food labels. It reinforces learning with interactive exercises throughout. Includes an advanced label reading section.

Calculating Boluses
Explains the fundamentals of calculating the bolus amount for food, for a correction dose, or both. It explains insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios, sensitivity factors and target ranges.

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