General Education

Get the personalized attention and support you need to keep living the life you want. Insulin Forward offers free local classes taught by Diabetes Educators who provide you with information about the latest insulin management strategies and tools. We also give you the chance to get answers to your most important questions about diabetes.

Each physician-endorsed Insulin Forward class consists of two class sections separated by one week. Section 1 focuses on the basics of diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, and carbohydrate counting. Section 2 focuses on advanced carbohydrate counting techniques, intensive insulin therapy, and technology advances. During the week between sections, you'll have time to practice your carbohydrate counting while maintaining contact with your instructor.

Class 1

The Basics: First time on the site? This is where you'll want to start.

Glucose Monitoring: Enhance your overall health by keeping a closer eye on your glucose levels. Here's how.

Nutritional Considerations: You are what you eat. Learn how the right foods can make you healthier.

Class 2

Balancing Carbs and Insulin: Put together your knowledge of carbs and insulin to achieve tight control of your glucose levels.

Intensive Insulin Therapy: Ready to tackle diabetes head-on? Find out about the most powerful strategies and tools.

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