mySentryTM Remote Glucose Monitor

Welcome to the Future of Nighttime Glucose Monitoring

You would do anything to avoid dangerous nighttime lows—and that includes waking up 2 to 3 times a night to do fingerstick tests. But this exhausting process only provides a brief snapshot of glucose levels, leaving most of the night filled with uncertainty.

Finally, help has arrived with mySentry, the first-ever remote glucose monitor. mySentry provides valuable insulin pump and Continuous glucose Monitoring (CGM) information to users and their loved ones. mySentry can be especially helpful for monitoring children overnight, when they are most vulnerable. With up-to-the-minute sensor glucose values and alerts displayed remotely, you can now feel more confident managing your child's diabetes overnight.

Rest Easy with mySentry

mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor

Remote Monitoring in Real Time

Placed conveniently at your bedside, mySentry displays important insulin pump and glucose information throughout the night. The mySentry system consists of a Monitor with a color screen, a power supply, and an Outpost that transmits information from the MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time RevelTM System to the mySentry Monitor.

The Outpost enables you to monitor from up to 50 feet away, with just a glance. This means that your child or loved one can be sleeping in one room while you are in another, observing his or her insulin pump and sensor information in real-time without having to get up and check the pump itself.

Remote Monitoring in Real Time

Added Protection from Lows

mySentry receives and sounds the same alerts that the person wearing the MiniMed Revel System receives so you can take action quickly to avoid dangerous lows or highs. These include predictive alerts, which can warn you up to 30 minutes in advance of low or high events, and threshold alerts, which tell you when your child or loved one’s preset low or high glucose levels have been reached.

Alarms and alerts sound loudly to awaken even deep sleepers and the volume can be adjusted to your desired level. For added convenience, mySentry also features a snooze button that provides the option of temporarily silencing alarms.

Protection from Lows

Easy-to-Use Design

Intuitive buttons and a touch-sensitive display allow you to easily navigate through the various settings and status screens.

Adjustable brightness also allows you to dim the monitor appropriately for nighttime monitoring, and the built-in nightlight can help you find your way in the dark.

For those occasions when you don't want to display sensitive glucose information, you can even turn on a privacy screen to hide information from broader view while still enabling you to receive important alerts.

Easy-to-Use Design