Potential Loss of Audio Issue with MiniMed 630G, MiniMed 640G and MiniMed 670G insulin pumps

The following devices listed below may be impacted by this audio issue. Follow the instructions below to find the model number, software version and motor app version on your device.

IMPORTANT: MiniMed™ 620G is not impacted by this potential audio issue since it was never sold with Software Version 4.10. Only insulin pump systems with Software Version 4.10 are affected.

1. Identify your model number

Identify your model number

2. Click on your pump model and follow the instructions

Finding the Software, Model and Motor App Version

MiniMed™ 630G

MiniMed™ 670G

MiniMed Brand Name How to find your Model No. and Software Version Model Number Software Version Motor App
MiniMed 630G Insulin Pump

MiniMed 630G

  1. Select the Status bar

  2. Select Pump
  3. Scroll down until you see:
    - Version
    - Model
    - Model App

MMT-1715 4.10C
MiniMed 640G Insulin Pump

MiniMed 630G

4.10D 2.6A
MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump

MiniMed 670G

  1. Press to Menu > Status > Pump
  2. Scroll down until you see:
    - Version
    - Model
    - Model App

4.10E 2.6A

If the software version on your device is not on the above list and does not show 4.10C, 4.10D, 4.10E or 4.10H, along with Motor App version 2.6A, then your device will not be impacted by this issue.

If your device is impacted, please proceed by clicking the button below.

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