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As a person with diabetes active in the online community, it took about .5 seconds after the launch of You Can Do This to begin to hear about the project led by Kim Vlasnik. Of course, I clicked on it immediately because this is right up my alley! The premise of the project is simple, to unite our community with the slogan “You Can Do This” through videos created by and for people with diabetes. The idea is that the videos offer hope, encourage and some honest talk about what it’s really like living with this disease.

I was ready to go, I had my outfit, hair bow and “script” planned for what I would say in my video. And then at work, I got stopped in the hallway by our PR Manager Karrie who often bounces blog and community ideas off of me.

Karrie: Have you heard about the You Can Do This Project?
Me: Of course!
Karrie: What do you think about getting a few of our employees who have been impacted by diabetes to come together so we can do a video on behalf of Medtronic?

So from this conversation, Karrie took the idea and ran with it. I patiently waited for the shoot, and the editing process to complete. And here it is!

Thank you, Kim, for leading this charge. We commend your effort to encourage and share spirit and motivation within the community. So we hope you enjoy our video: Medtronic says You Can Do This! with voices echoed by Elisa, Lane, Michael, and myself!

For more information on this wonderful project, please visit

Note: If you want to hear more about Elisa rapelling down that waterfall and how she protected her pump (which is watertight, but not waterproof) during her adventure, check out her blog post on Great Vacations.

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