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World Diabetes Day: The Morning After

World Diabetes Day: The Morning After | The LOOP Blog

Today is November 15, the day after the awe inspiring annual World Diabetes Day. Although yesterday was filled with hope and unity, if you will allow me to be frank here for a moment, I feel sad today. It is the day after a very important day, but my friends and I in the diabetes community still have the same disease we had yesterday with the same struggles we dealt with on November 14th, 13th, and every day before. But I know that we can come together and place that sadness aside when we take a step back and recall why November 14, and every day in Diabetes Awareness Month, deserve to be in the spotlight. Because it puts us in the spotlight!

It is days like these where diabetes as a disease state receives the emphasis it needs to ignite a new sense of urgency for a cure. It allows caretakers and people with diabetes to get the honor they deserve. It even prompts people never previously affiliated with the diabetes community to jump in head first and volunteer side by side with advocates. And the most significant impact is that it makes our combined voices loud enough to be heard in a whole new way, and with increased amplification with each year that passes.

The month of November and specifically the 14th, is a time of year where I am that much more thankful that I work at a company who serves people with diabetes. The festivities that occur inside this building at Medtronic to raise awareness makes me so proud to play my small part here. I would like to allow you to take a step into this building for a moment to hear about some of our special activities so far this month.

  • Fundraising for both the American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walks and attended these in large groups. Bake sales, movie screenings, sporting events; you name it and we have probably done it to raise money for a cure.
  • Buildings lit in blue (Our Headquarters in Northridge, California and our Customer Care Center in San Antonio, Texas)
  • International Diabetes Federation posters displayed throughout the building.
  • Working out and taking part in the Big Blue Test.
  • Spreading the word about community projects like the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange on our social media channels.
  • A campaign to reach 100,000 Facebook fans, which will give fabulous Medtronic customers a surprise once the goal is reached.
  • Sporting our blue every Friday in November in honor of the Blue Fridays initiative.
  • Special yummy treats given to employees, like sugar free blue cupcakes (YUM!)
  • A human big blue circle, the recognized symbol for diabetes awareness (my personal FAVORITE part of the celebrations).

Now it’s your turn, tell us how you celebrated yesterday!

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