What’s Your D-Type?

We know that diabetes is serious, but sometimes it’s ok to try and have a little fun. You may have taken or seen our social media quiz, “What’s Your D-type?” on our Medtronic Diabetes Facebook Page that was launched this past June. And no, we’re not talking about type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but a seven question personality quiz to discover what makes you so unique! You’ll find out something new about yourself while finding online resources and information tailored to your needs! Today, we break down each of the five personalities. Take the D-Type quiz to find out your D-Type and obtain the resources tailored to fit your personality!

Busy Bee

Busy BeeYou’ve got a jam packed social calendar, and have it all under control. As a busy bee, your daily planner is filled to the brim, you’re in a million places at once, and we know you don’t have time to stop for multiple daily injections. Sure, things can get pretty crazy, but you never let the stress get to you.


AdventurerYou have a wild story, but keep calm when it comes to glucose monitoring. It seems like your life is just one thrilling tale after another – whether it’s rock-climbing, skiing, or scuba-diving, you’re always finding new ways to stay active. There’s nothing that’s going to slow you down. And yeah, you may have gotten a few bumps and bruises along the road, but your pump is always along for the ride, and you’re always keeping an eye on your blood glucose.


ChampionYou’re changing the world for the better while wearing your pump loud and proud. As the most spirited cheerleader around, you don’t keep quiet about the things you’re passionate about. Your positive energy, can-do attitude, and wealth of knowledge make you an unstoppable force. You’ve always got the inside scoop and can be counted on to advocate for others with diabetes.


D-tectiveWhoa, how did you do that?! You’re undeniably clever and have the sort of quick wit that stops people in their tracks. Sure, sometimes you lie low, but anyone would be a fool to underestimate you — because you’re fully equipped with all the tools necessary to solve any case tossed your way.


TrendsetterAs a style icon, expressing yourself with a personalized pump skin, no one does it like you do! We could call you an artist, we could call you a visionary, but we just couldn’t call you ordinary. As a leader (never a follower), your life is set to the beat of your very own drummer. You’ve got guts and you’ve got style. Confidence looks good on you.

So tell us, what’s YOUR D-type?

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