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What The Customer Experience Means To Me: Jeff Anglin

What The Customer Experience Means To Me: Jeff Anglin | The LOOP Blog

If a Medtronic Employee ever hears the word “Customer Experience”, it’s likely that the name “Jeff Anglin” comes to mind. It is with pleasure that I introduce to you, our Director of Customer Experience, Jeff Anglin.  Jeff has been with Medtronic for 11 years and is our go-to person when it comes to anything related to the customer.  Each day, he and his team strive to make sure the voice of the customer is heard and that your needs as a person with diabetes are continuously taken into account.  Take a few minutes to read what Jeff thinks of his role and how he helps you every day behind the scenes.

Q. What does your role with Medtronic include?

A. I work on overseeing all customer interactions from a customer’s point of view, putting the customer top of mind for all of us who work for Medtronic, and ensuring we make the customer experience positive and meaningful every time we engage with a customer. I also strive to create a persistent focus on the customer in the actions taken and drive the organization to work together for optimum customer experience delivery.

Q. What does Customer Experience mean at Medtronic Diabetes?

A. It is why we are here: to make life better and easier for individuals with diabetes, and their family members.  We strive each day to find better, easier ways to change their lives for the better.  For the over 1,000 customer service employees we have, it means providing service with heart, and treating every individual with their best interest in mind.

Q. What keeps you connected with Medtronic customers?

A. Well, I have family members, as well as long time high school and college friends who are our customers (they tend to be our biggest critics). I personally talk to close to 100 of our customers each month whether on the phone or in person.  Additionally, we survey close to 1,000 customers each month and I enjoy spending time reading each customer comment in those surveys.

Q. What are you most proud of when it comes to being the voice of the customer?

A. Well every few months we bring customers in to our offices to share their experiences (we call them “Customer Experience Forums”- and they are attended by hundreds of people).  I am proud of the fact that everyone in attendance rests on every word that our customers say and they start to think about how their individual actions affect these customers.  In turn, this influences how they do their job (with a lens on making a difference in someone’s life).

Q. In what ways do you think Medtronic Diabetes provides an excellent and innovative customer experience?

A. At the end of the day, it really comes down to providing a positive and meaningful experience. Caring for our customers isn’t innovative, but it is a part of who we are, and is the foundation for what we do. I care for you, I make things easy for you, and most importantly I am here when you need me. This might seem simple but this is the core of our focus.

Q. Is there anything you think might surprise our customers about what happens behind the scenes to improve their experience?

A. As I mentioned before, we seek and get a lot of direct customer feedback (over 1,000 customers are surveyed each month) along with constant feedback from our social community.  We spend a lot of time reviewing every comment that our customers provide and make sure we take the right actions based on those comments. We actually have dedicated individuals who focus their entire time on how to improve the customer experience.  Their job title is “Customer Experience Driver,” and each one is responsible for taking the ongoing voice of the customer and driving changes to improve their experience.

Q. What is the best part of your role as Director of Customer Experience?

A. The best part of my role is influencing the organization to think about how what they are working on or what decision they are making influences someone’s life. From the large items to the smallest details, we have to think about the individuals using our products.

Q. From a customer experience standpoint, what is your favorite company and why?

A. I know airlines are not always high on someone’s list of favorite companies, but I am a fan of Virgin America Airlines.  They make the entire experience special in so many ways, and what I would say is that they focus on the simple things that mean a lot. From the lighting in the cabin, to every little detail in your seat (power available, entertainment access, and holders for items that you normally don’t know where to put things), the easy way you board the plane, to the interaction with their personnel (having the pilot stand in front of everyone and discuss the upcoming flight) that add a personal touch. I try to implement what I like about my experience with other companies in to the experience that we provide for our customers.

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