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Today marks our first official blog entry in The LOOP! We have started this as a way of “Closing the Loop” with our loyal customers and the diabetes online community (DOC). We have heard feedback from many of you that you want us to engage and participate in the DOC. The LOOP is just one small step, but we think a very important first step.

My name is Amanda, and I am the director of public relations for the diabetes business unit of Medtronic and one of the editors of the blog. We’ll feature posts from people within our company (some of whom are also people with diabetes) and from others in the diabetes community, your community. Our focus is to provide resources and tips on living with diabetes and managing it with technology – as well as talking with you about how we can continue to improve our products, service and support. We’ll also share behind-the-scene stories and the various reasons that we come to work each day: to one day “Close the Loop” with an artificial pancreas.

We will be posting blogs over the next couple of days and hope to hear from you about what you’d like to discuss next, here at The LOOP.

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