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TrialNet: Screening for Type 1 Diabetes

You may remember guest blogger Amanda Griswold’s entry on deciding to have her son screened for autoantibodies predictive of the development of type 1 diabetes through the research program, TrialNet. Today, we want to remind you of this program, and how it can help us learn more about how type 1 diabetes develops and ways to delay and prevent it.

TrialNet is an international network of centers dedicated to the study, prevention, and early treatment of type 1 diabetes. Clinical researchers in this study test immediate family members (children, parents, or siblings) to be screened for autoantibodies that are predictive of the development of type 1 diabetes. Additionally, the researchers conduct studies to learn more about the common risk factors among people who develop type 1 diabetes, test treatments that could delay or prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes, and test treatments that may help people who have been recently diagnosed to keep producing their own insulin. They now have more than 200 TrialNet sites worldwide, and also have a screening test kit available to those who are interested.

As Scott E, Jennifer Jacobs, and many others in the community have talked about, participating in this type of research is a very emotional and personal decision. Many wrestle with whether or not they would really want to know if they or their loves ones have an increased risk of developing a disease that, today, cannot be prevented or cured. While others jump at the opportunity to provide valuable data to advance scientific understanding so that, one day, type 1 diabetes could possibly be delayed or prevented.

What about you? Have you or your family members participated in TrialNet?

And if you’re still just curious, you can find more information here.

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