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The LOOP Celebrates Its 2nd Blogaversary

The LOOP Celebrates Its 2nd Blogaversary | The LOOP Blog
When we started the LOOP blog two years ago, it was our first significant step forward into the world of social media. Since then, we have started our Twitter and Facebook communities and we are so pleased with how engaged and united each of you has been. Today marks the two year blogaversary for The LOOP and so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate and recognize this special occasion! To do this we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite blogs from the past two years.
1. Too Young to Burnout at 30
Guest blogger Kristin Call shares openly about experiencing diabetes burn out. This is a must read if you are in need of some motivation.

2. Myth vs. Fact: Weight Gain

One of the most popular questions Dr. Francine Kaufman has heard through her career is what impact insulin and insulin pumps might have on weight, here’s what she had to say.

3. My Additional Diabetes Brain

This is Naomi’s very first post for The LOOP and shares why she appreciates using CareLink.

4. All Wrapped Up in Bacon!

You haven’t seen everything yet, not until you’ve seen George the Ninjabetic wrap his insulin pump in BACON!

5. Tips and Tricks for Toddlers

Angie Levesque shares her tips for parents raising a toddler with diabetes. Her daughter Isabelle is absolutely adorable!

6. Back to School with Diabetes

Guest blogger and d-mom extraordinaire Meri Schuhmacher shares her “mantras” to prepare for a new school year with her three boys that have type 1 diabetes.

7. Calibration Tips for New CGM Users

Lori Schlosser shares some helpful tips for anyone new to CGM which she learned through her experiences with her 14 year old son, Noah. Her first tip is “Appreciate the learning curve.” Read this one to see what other advice she has to offer…

8. Our Favorite Support Blogs from 2012

In this post we capture the team’s favorite support blogs from the past year. Topics range from water activity to the best way to protect your pump buttons.

9. Pizza and Martini Night!

Diabetes advocate Karen Graffeo shares a real-life perspective on how she uses a Dual Wave bolus to enjoy Pizza and Martini Night with her girlfriends.

10. How About Some Candy for Those Unexpected Lows?

Do you have an embarrassing story related to a low blood glucose? Katie’s hysterical moment tops the charts!

Do you have a favorite that we didn’t capture here? Let us know!

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