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The Bionic Teacher With An Insulin Pump

The Bionic Teacher With An Insulin Pump | The LOOP Blog

It’s often the simple, day-to-day interactions that create the best stories and memories. Erica Hammon, a Special-Education teacher from Salt Lake City, Utah, shared with News to Infuse the story behind her students calling her the Bionic Teacher. Leave a comment if you feel you can relate!

Have you ever imagined your insulin pump could transform to give you a super power? One day my pump did just that. You are probably envisioning a super-man figure, or the bionic woman complete with suit and cape. That would be me- Special-Education Teacher- with a little less glamour and whole lot more fun!

The first week of school, I was busy in my classroom, the last rays of summer sunshine streaming in through the windows. I was completing my beginning-of-year reading assessments when one of my new students, Jay, walked in. After we talked a few minutes, I asked him to read as many words as he could in one minute.

Afterward, while I was computing his score, my insulin pump alarmed for a blood sugar check. I usually don’t even notice when it goes off, I’m so used to beeping, but Jay looked at me inquisitively and asked, “What was that?” Seeing the curiosity and worry in his eyes I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, Jay,” I said in dismay, “You were not supposed to hear that!” Then after a long pause I said with a serious face, “Ms. Hammon is…bionic.”

“Really?” he asked in true amazement.

“Yes, but, ssshhh, don’t tell anyone. No-one else in the whole world knows about this. See those two kids over there, they don’t even know!” My voice stressed.

Then I whipped out my insulin pump, “This is my battery. See this cord, it plugs right into me. I must recharge!” After hitting a few noisy buttons and straightening myself up, I slipped my insulin pump back inside its secret spot, as Jay watched wide-eyed with awe and admiration.

When he headed back to class I said, “Goodbye, Jay,” in the most monotone-robotic voice I could muster.

The next day, his regular classroom teacher, Mr. Miller, scooted down the hall to my classroom. “Jay filled me in on a few things about you” he informed.

“Oh really?” I inquired.

Mr. Miller animated, “Jay called me over to him frantically, ‘Mr. Miller, Mr. Miller, come here, quick! I have to tell you something about Ms. Hammon! But we can’t let anyone hear us, because only three people in the whole world know – you, me and her!'”

Mr. Miller also suggested, “When the students are not following directions, tell them, ‘Don’t make me unplug!'”

I explained to Mr. Miller that I have enjoyed having an insulin pump, but that’s the first time it made me bionic!

News about the bionic teacher spread quickly among the students. Throughout the year I’ve switched to Bionic Teacher voice in the middle of a lesson for increased engagement. My students get excited when the Bionic Teacher shows up.

If my alarm sounds, Jay always informs me, “Ms. Hammon, you’re beeping again!” We always have a good laugh. And, after all, laughter is the best medicine!


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