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Business Travel With Diabetes: Taking MiniMed Connect On The Road

Business Travel with Diabetes: Taking MiniMed Connect On the Road |The LOOP Blog

Kate Lecker is a busy wife, mother of two, and working professional. She has lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years and is often hypo-unaware, not feeling the lows until around 30mg/dL. When traveling for work, she and her husband have always had a travel safety protocol in place to make sure she is okay. Today, Kate shares how MiniMed Connect has helped to simplify their protocol.

I travel for work; spending 2 nights in a hotel each week. I love my job but the stress of having a low blood glucose with no one to help me was almost too much for me and my husband, especially during my pregnancies when my A1c was in the 5’s. Our cumbersome “travel safety protocol” was as follows:

  • I let him know when I got into my hotel room for the night as well as the hotel address.
  • Before going to bed I would test my BG, ensure my Threshold Suspend was on, and that I have a Sprite at my bedside.
  • If my BG was on the low side, he would text me later on to ensure I hadn’t gone lower. If I didn’t respond, he would call me. If still no response, he would call the front desk and tell them I could be having a medical emergency and they had to get into my room.

I am happy to report that this protocol is no longer needed! I now have MiniMed Connect and it has helped change the way I manage my diabetes. I no longer need to pull my insulin pump out to see where my sensor glucose is, I can just glance at my phone. I don’t have to answer my husband’s constant question of “Is your sensor glucose okay?” while traveling, driving or taking care of our two young daughters. By logging in to my CareLink account, he can check on me anytime he wants and be reassured that my sensor glucose levels are fine. My doctor can also review my CareLink reports and send me feedback in between appointments without me having to upload them at a certain time. Lastly, and my favorite feature of MiniMed Connect, is that it sends both my husband and me a text alert if I don’t respond to an alarm appropriately. This is especially helpful as I don’t always hear the alerts when I am driving or sleeping but I can always hear my phone on my nightstand.

At first, I worried that the constant access to my glucose data would be overwhelming for him or that he would harass me when my glucose was high. However, I shared my concerns with him and we agreed that it is to be used for safety reasons only. NO JUDGEMENT, like “what did you eat?” or “Your BGs are all over the place today.”

Before MiniMed Connect, I had no idea how stressful my diabetes management was to my family members, especially with me traveling so much. They constantly worried that I would unknowingly have a low and hurt myself or others. It was only after getting MiniMed Connect that my husband shared with me the intense stress and worry he felt every single day. This really has made a life changing difference in how I live my life. I now feel that we have the safety and security we want while maintaining the tight control and independence that I need.

Business Travel with Diabetes: Taking MiniMed Connect On the Road | The LOOP Blog


MiniMed Connect is intended to provide a secondary display of CGM and insulin pump information on a suitable consumer electronic device to care partners and users of a MiniMed 530G system or Paradigm REAL-Time Revel system for the purposes of passive monitoring.

MiniMed Connect is not intended to replace the primary display of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump information on the primary display device. All therapy decisions should be based on blood glucose measurements obtained from a blood glucose meter. MiniMed Connect is not intended to receive information directly from the sensor or transmitter of the sensor-augmented pump system.

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