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Why Putting My Kids First Means Putting My Diabetes First

Here’s the latest from one of our favorite busy moms with diabetes. In addition to being a great asset to the Education team at Medtronic, Cheryl and her husband are kept on their toes by three beautiful boys. Work and home are hectic, but today she shares one very valuable “aha moment” about managing

Two Pediatricians And A T1D Diagnosis

Like many other families, Dr. Stephen W. Russell and his wife, Dr. Gretel Russell, had no family connection to diabetes. They are also both pediatricians, though that didn’t prepare them for two new jobs in a new city – and a new diagnosis of diabetes for their daughter – all in the same summer.

Sleepover Tips For A Child With Diabetes

Kids want to be part of the group, and going to sleepovers is one of those typical childhood activities. While all parents may have their own concerns, for parents with children with type 1 diabetes, sleepovers can be a little more stressful. MiniMed Ambassador and D-Mom of a daughter with type 1 diabetes, Sue,

Finding Confidence: Not Letting Diabetes Hold Me Back

I tend to play it safe a lot. But lately, I’ve been trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It’s not because of some new-found motivation or inspiration, nor is it because I’m trying to prove something to myself. It’s for my son. I strive to be the best dad

Balancing Life Amongst Diabetes

Trying to balance a career, blood glucose, toddler, and an active lifestyle has provided its fair share of challenges for Pumpin’ Crossfit Mom blogger, Gina Capone. And on top of that, she added in some CrossFit as well. Today, Gina shares how she manages to balance her life amongst type 1 diabetes. Can you