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Debunking 6 Myths Of Insulin Pump Therapy

There are some common myths about insulin pump therapy, and if you’re thinking about pumping, it’s important to gather all your facts before making a decision to start. We asked Registered Dietitian and Medtronic Diabetes Educator of three years, Jessica, to debunk some of these myths for us and provide you with a better

To Pump Or Not To Pump

My decision to start insulin pump therapy started about 10 years ago. I was diagnosed in April 2004, and decided to start pumping December 2005. When I was first diagnosed, I left the hospital unsure on whether or not I could give myself shots every single day. But it’s a weird feeling, a natural

Don’t Sweat It: Exercising with Type 1 Diabetes and an Insulin Pump

  As Registered Dietitian and Medtronic Diabetes Clinical Manager, Nancy Lea, rings in the New Year, she anticipates her yoga studio will go from slightly overcrowded to masses of bodies crammed into tight rows. Their mats will be only inches apart from one another as they sweat and struggle through a 90-minute class. Exercise

A Triathlon with Type 1 Diabetes

We’re always inspired by athletes achieving success while living with diabetes, and Lesley Edwards is no exception! Living with type 1 diabetes since age 10 and Medtronic Diabetes Clinical Manager, Lesley uses the MiniMed 530G with Enlite to manage her diabetes. While racing in her latest triathlon, her blood glucose dropped and the Threshold

Insulin Pump Therapy: Why Did I Wait?

We often hear, “I don’t know why I waited so long to start on my insulin pump”, from individuals on insulin pump therapy. This phrase has not only come from our customers, but from our very own employees! In this article shared recently in the News to Infuse Newsletter, Medtronic Diabetes employee, Steven Sanders,