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Important Update on Medicare CGM Access Act

As most of you know, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology is a valuable diabetes management tool clinically proven to provide better glucose control[1][2]. While 95% of private health plans cover the technology, Medicare does not, denying Americans age 65 and older access to this critical technology. For more than a year, Medtronic, along with

Why It’s Important to Advocate for CGM Coverage

Although I’ve only worn a Continuous Glucose Monitor for about 5 ½ of the almost 35 years I’ve had diabetes, I can’t imagine my life without it. And yet, for those on Medicare, that is a reality. Medicare does not approve coverage for CGMs. This fact both angers and scares me. I’ll admit that

How You Can Advocate for CGM Coverage

Editor’s Note (9/19/2014): We’re pleased to share that another key step has been taken in the legislative process! Representatives Tom Reed, Dianna DeGette, and Ed Whitfield have introduced companion legislation into the House of Representatives. Read this blog to learn more! When it comes to bills in Congress and important healthcare policy initiatives for

Making A Diabetes Difference In Haiti 2014: Part II

A couple days ago, Dr. Kaufman shared her initial thoughts as she arrived to Haiti for the fourth time with her husband, Neal, to help out the first ever diabetes camp for the third year.Today, Dr. Kaufman reflects on her four-day journey helping to improve diabetes care and outcomes for children in Haiti.

Making a Diabetes Difference in Haiti 2014: Part I

For the third year in a row, Dr. Kaufman and her husband, Neal, returned to Haiti for their fourth time to provide aid to the country's first ever diabetes camp, determined to bring better diabetes care and outcomes for Haitian children. In the first entry of this two-part series, Dr. Kaufman shares her initial